Abbas Derissi, painter, sculptor and graphic designer, began his career in Iran as a realist. He started painting at the age of ten. His recognition in art was very obvious as Derissi was growing up to be one of the very few talented students in Tehran's Academy of Fine Art, at Tehran University. After graduating, he worked his way up as the Head Designer of the Iranian National TV Broadcasting and the Chairman of the Fine Art Department of Pahlavi's University. Derissi has shared his artistic views and work with other artists all around the world in forty-eight Art Expositions.
In 1972 he met Salvador Dali in Rome, and work with him. This experience changed his life and his style of painting yet the surrealistic world of Abbas Derissi was not one of melting clocks and teapots with eyes. His vision was his own. He saw man as pitted against the elements; a brilliant, blinding sun; the scorched earth; a windblown desert in which objects or people floated in a dream-like state. To view these luminous paintings was to inhabit the transcendent self, because of their rapt content and brilliant technique.
Abbas Derissi has exhibited his work in Iran, France, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England and the United States. At present, and in homage to the rural areas of his homeland, Iran, Derissi is juxtaposing realistic figures in landscapes and settings comprised of real clay and straw. The effect is unique, often unsettling, but always provocative and pleasing. Derissi is currently working on his paintings, sculptures, designs, and training art students at his studio in La Jolla and is successfully blending his surrealistic style with abstract painting, with excellent and charming results.